Made to measure - individual approach in making man suit according to the size and client's preferences

The advantages of Made to measure clothing towards confection Made to measure clothing is sewn from a standard-sized base pattern. A tailored suit is a common example of a made-to-measure garment. The fit of a made-to-measure suit is expected to be superior to that of a ready-to-wear one, because ready-to-wear suits are constructed to fit the manufacturer's definition of an average customer, while made-to-measure means the garments were sown according to the size and client’s preferences, specially made for the client’s unique body with fabric, color and model chosen by him.

To order a made-to-measure suit, the customer’s measurements are first taken by a made-to-measure retailer. Then a base pattern is selected that most closely corresponds with the customer’s measurements.

The primary benefits to the customer of made-to-measure suits are that the garments will be well-fitted to the customer’s body with customized fabric and detailing.

Other advantages of made-to-measure suits over confection are related to the fact that the standard-sized suits are made in 12 basic numbers, 6 heights, 6 sizes and 5 constructions. These are 2160 combinations. If you multiply by 10 models – 21600. Now imagine this number multiply by 300 colors and fabric variations - 6 480 000 combinations. That's why most men wear suits, which do not fit them and they have the wrong impression that the suit is not a comfortable garment. This explain why most men wear blue, gray or black suits – just sellers do not want to risk, they supply only these colors and the clients are forced to choose between these variations of colors.

Unlike bespoke garments, which traditionally involve hand sewing, made-to-measure manufacturers use both machine- and hand-sewing. Made-to-measure also requires fewer fittings than bespoke, resulting in a shorter wait between customer measurement and garment delivery.

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