Eat nuts for health

Eat nuts for healthScientists found that a daily meal of nuts reduces the risk of mortality from a variety of diseases with 20%.

"The most obvious benefit of the daily consumption of nuts is the reduction of mortality from cardiovascular disease by 29%. Moreover, we found a significant decrease - 11% of deaths from cancer", said a person from the Institute for Cancer "Charles Darwin" in Boston. Scientists have shown that if you eat a serving of nuts once a week , the risk of death decreased by 11% in twice a week - 13% at five or six times - 15% and seven times - 20%.

In addition, the scientists have found that people consuming more nuts, more slender , less smoke more likely to exercise and eat healthier. Moreover, it is found that no matter what nuts are eaten.

One of the most nutritious nuts are:

The hazelnuts

It is a favorite of nutritionists - thanks to its low -carb , nuts can be eaten with many diet without the risk of obesity. The hazelnut helps chronic fatigue, diabetes, hypertension, increase of prostate inflammation and varicose veins . The hazelnut oil calms the nerves and treat chronic bronchitis.

The almonds

Almonds contain the most calcium and vitamin E. They are useful in anemia , abnormal vision, and almond oil acts beneficial to the skin because it removes almost all irritations. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys are advised to take both almonds and warm milk . Sweet almonds recommended for elevated cholesterol, hypertension, cancer , eye diseases, obesity, ulcers, heartburn.

The Walnuts

They are useful for people with reduced immunity. It is believed that walnuts strengthen muscles and quickly remove fatigue after exercise . They possess antibacterial, restorative , anti-inflammatory action and facilitate the rapid cessation of blood and wound healing .

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