The strawberries are antiallergic

The strawberries are antiallergicThe essence of strawberries is antiallergic and it is useful in the treatment of allergic skin reactions. Japanese scientists published the research in the journal Journal of Functional Foods.

Science has long been known that strawberries have anti-inflammatory , anticancer and antioxidant effect, but we do not know how it works.

They carried out an experiment on rodents who suffered from a disease similar to atopic dermatitis in humans. For 14 weeks, the mice were injected with a preparation containing 18 mg of strawberry flavor. On the 10th week symptoms of the disease began to subside. Scientists have increased the dose to 32 milligrams and on the 14th week the symptoms of skin diseases in all mice were missing.

The scientists explain this by the fact that the essence of strawberries contain pectin. It inhibits the production of immunoglobulin and in this way it reduces the hypersensitivity of the immune system. Researchers note that their study paves the way for the creation of allergy products based on strawberries.

Let us remind you that for children up to 3 years old it is not good to eat strawberries because they can cause allergies.

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