Black Zebra Manicure

Do you want your nails to look rock and chic? This is the right place to find out how. Black Zebra Manicure is a perfect style for the fall/winter season.

Black Zebra ManicureSo let's get started this cool polish design. We start with the base color to protect your natural nails. It is usual to put this base when you use some dark nail polish.

Black Zebra ManicureNext put on the nails the black matte nail polish carefully. After that apply a top coat over the nails and allow them to dry. The result will be a matte finish, which means that it will reduce the amount of light that the surface of you nails can reflect.

Black Zebra Manicure Now use a regular black stripper to create some zebra stripes. The stripes will contrast against the matte background due to the glossy and reflective nature of the stripe's polish formula. To create the zebra stripes just draw some slightly curvy lines coming from both sides of the nail. You can also connect some of them to make "U" and "V" shapes.

Black Zebra Manicure

This is an easy nail design appropriate for the upcoming holidays. Enjoy!

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