How to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

While many have suggested that the emergence of the smart watch has sounded the death knell for the traditional watch making industry, this does a disservice to the resilience and fortitude of those within the industry. Traditional watches may well be one of the most intricate and ground-breaking innovations ever created, as this feat of engineering has the longevity to survive even the most unique technological developments. January is also one of the best times of the year to buy a brand new watch, as retailers often lower the prices and offer cut-price deals.

How to Shop for a Top Quality Watch How to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

Top Tips for Buying a High Quality Watch

If you do decide to hit the shops, however, how should you go about buying a high quality watch that is compatible with your budget? Consider the following:

Identify a Source

Whenever you purchase a consumer product, the first step is to identify a reputable source. It is crucial that you find a location that sells products from certified watchmakers, as this ensures that your purchase has the best chance of delivering value for money. This is the same whether you shop at physical retail outlets or through online outlets, as unique or high quality watches often represent a significant financial investment.

How to Shop for a Top Quality WatchHow to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

Consider the Primary Components inside your Preferred Watch

Believe it or not, the type of interior components used to power watches varies depending on each individual product. While simplistic, mechanical watches consist of approximately 130 parts, while more complex models often feature more than 500 inter-linked components. This has a direct impact on the reliability and longevity of your watch, as reliable items tend to rely on a wider range of parts that maintain its function.

How to Shop for a Top Quality WatchHow to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

Look at the Watch Face and Dial

One of the first things you notice about your watch is the dial, which may either be digital or analogue depending on the design. This feature is the key selling point of most watches, as it is the most clearly visible component and something which must compliment your wider style and sense of fashion. It is worth noting that the highest quality watches tend to boast clearly marked time increments and consistent hand movements, while cheaper models are far less regimented or visually impressive. This is only a small detail, but it can go a long way in helping you to choose the best possible watch.

How to Shop for a Top Quality WatchHow to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

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