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Beauty is a message

Beauty is a message

Beauty is really a cocktail of divine proportions and harmony between the inner and outer world of man that gives meaning to his being and is rightly referred to as a synonym for truth and good*. Relative, however, it is subject to time, morals, and, to a great extent, to the generally accepted norms. In this sense, it can be said that beauty is a kind of aesthetic consensus of the majority about the unique qualities of the minority. Beauty is also a message that challenges taste, imagination and tolerance. In order to determine what is beautiful, we need to realize that it (the beautiful thing) should be liked and surely to cause delight and trepidation. In fact, in most cases, beauty is a wonderful combination of spirit and matter, shape and color, fluid and provocation that awakens admiration, joy and passion.

People magazine announced
Competitions & awards

People magazine announced "The most beautiful woman in the world"

The actress Lupita Nyong'o already enjoys the happiest year that anyone could ever have.
It all started with the statuette "Oscar" that the Kenyan beauty won for her first role in film continued with award "Fashion Icon" and ended up with the advertising campaign for the luxury brand "Lancome".

Bulgarian was declared the most beautiful woman of the Millennium
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Bulgarian was declared the most beautiful woman of the Millennium

Lazarina Stefanova grabbed the crown "Seniora Belleza Millennium" 2010 in the contest for married women, which was held in Santo Domingo and was declared the most beautiful woman of the Millennium.

Lazarina, who is Mrs. Bulgaria World 2009 was competing for the crown with beauties from 36 countries on 5 continents. Winning the title Mrs. Millennium is the biggest win of a Bulgarian woman on international competition so far.

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