Hydratation - lively moisture for the skin

Water, which is about 65% of human constitution is in the base of all life processes. Its importance is huge not only for life, but also for the maintenance of a beautiful outlook. A lot of advices exist - ancient and most current - how to use right this worthless natural gift. Some of them however are 100% delusion.

Hydratation needs only the dry skin. Dry and dehydratated skin are different conceptions. Lack of water can experience the dry and as well as the oily skin, which usually needs even more often hydratation. When we try to remove the surplus oil from the skin we break its natural protection layer, which keeps the normal level of humidity. The use of spirt lotions rob the skin of the necessary humidity/ The same is valid for the long stay in the sun. It is important to know that oil can not replace water and vice versa. Hydratation needs every skin, even the most oily one.

It is not possible to clean the skin well without the use of water. It is hard to imagine life witout the washing of the face in the morning. If the skin endures normally such water procedures we should not give them up. But if the skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, it is better not to wash it with water. Today exist many lotions and tonics, including for hypersensitive skin.

The easiest way to humidify the skin is to rub it or splash it with water. Water consists of many nitrates, which precipitate on the surface of the skin and have an opposite effect. The real hydratating effect have the dermatological waters in the form of sprays.

Radimila Popova
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