Lanfranchi's new step forward strategy is based on sustainability and innovation

A natural textile made with woven leaves, high-tech designs and the Greenpeace Detox commitment. Lanfranchi Spa new positioning marks a step forward in combining the power of creativity and the innovation DNA with a responsible mission for the future.

Lanfranchi Spa shows a forward thinking model for the fashion industry. The Italian company, world leader in the design and production of zips, announces a step forward to show how sustainable standards add value to an established know-how and a creativity-driven approach. The new vision highlights a responsible path and a mission that led the company to become a referring point for fashion brands and professionals that aim to be innovative and creative always keeping responsibility in mind. “We believe that sustainability and innovation are the keys for a market competitive and contemporary offer” says Gaetano Lanfranchi, CEO of Lanfranchi Spa.

“That’s why we committed to Greenpeace Detox program and today we can prove that all our products are free of the Detox blacklist polluting ingredients. But our commitment goes beyond: high-quality and traceable selected materials are processed to optimise recyclable waste production, all infrastructures meet EU highest standards for transparency, quality and even employers’ performances - from offices to production- are carried out responsibly. And this is part of the Lanfranchi history…”.

Lanfranchi's new step forward strategy is based on sustainability and innovation

Two projects reflect the new positioning: S/S 2017 new products and the creation of custom-designs with a upcoming designer for her debut fashion collection. “To be at the forefront of innovation it’s important to work both on people and designs. That’s why we wanted to support Valeria Di Cerce in cooperation with NABA (Nuova Accademia delle Belle Arti).

The collection will be shown at Munich Fabric Start, Milano Unica and Premi?re Vision. For the same reasons products have been created to embrace brands and professionals creative solutions” comments Gaetano Lanfranchi.

The company teamed with emerging talent Valeria Di Cerce supplying a custom-designed zip for her WoodRobes fashion collection. The designer managed to “weave a forest into a textile” without any spell but by working with fallen leaves, flowers, branches and an especially developed joint process system.

“I wanted to draw attention on environmental issues and on the need to re-discover hand-craft work” says Valeria Di Cerce. Indeed, the designer used contemporary technologies to update an WoodRobes collection by Valeria Di Cerce for Lanfranchi in cooperation with NABA ancient technique of processing natural materials. For the project, Lanfranchi Spa and the NABAgraduate designer created a zip with a band made of organic cotton and Newlife™. The new design is strong and delicate enough to accompany body movements without tearing the delicate woodland-weave.

Valeria Di Cerce has been selected with 16 people to be part of an exclusive Master preparing “Tailors for Shows” that will be held at Accademia del Teatro Alla Scala ( Theatre Academy ).

Lanfranchi's new step forward strategy is based on sustainability and innovation

Lanfranchi Spa S/S 2017 collection is an expression of the new positioning as well. The new series range from oversized zips with a more “aggressive” look to super-light designs for more “minimal” fashion solutions. Superlampo Tank 14 stands out for its larger size and features symmetric teeth. The almost “aggressive” design is not just about style but also about resistance and high-tech performance. Light and strong, Superlampo T8 and Superlampo T5 are proposed also with aluminium chains in order to allow the use of more evident zips also in designs made out of lighter textiles. The zips come in different colours with a new matte finishing as well as in a natural version with a transparent varnishing. Spirale S7 and Spirale S4 are made with Alcantara fabrics and transform the zip in a highly decorative profile. Lanfranchi’s zips are Oeko-Tex certified for over 15 years.

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