How to Love Your Post Baby Body

Becoming a new mom is such an exciting time, but it also comes with a lot of new experiences that may have you feeling down, second-guessing yourself and struggling with your body image. There are many factors that contribute to this like exhaustion, your changing body and the many pressures that new mothers face. But try not to panic or get down on yourself. Not only are we going to identify why it can be difficult to accept and love your body at this time, but we will also share practical and exciting ways to discover how amazing your body is and how you can fall in love with it.

If you are experiencing these feelings, you may be experiencing postpartum depression — and you’re not alone. One in eight women suffers from postpartum depression, which is a common medical condition that can cause severe depression, body image issues, sadness and more. Understandably so, a woman’s body changes quickly during and after pregnancy, which is why many new moms may feel out of touch with their body. Aside from experiencing pregnancy, more than half of women have insecurities about their bodies, which already puts many women in a vulnerable place. However, there are ways to rebuild your body image and create a positive self esteem today — even if your body doesn’t look or feel the way you want it to. Whether it be wearing your favorite plus size clothing to soaking in a hot tub, we are going to show you how! Apply these techniques to your daily routine if you want to boost your confidence and create a positive relationship with your beautiful body!

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Study Body Positivity or Body Neutrality

Have you ever heard of or wanted to support the body positivity movement? It’s one of the most powerful initiatives of our time. Body positivity is the practice of accepting your body as it is in the present moment — whether it’s the body you’ve always wanted or not. This practice allows you to create a more positive outlook on your figure at any stage. To help keep you on track, you can follow body positive influencers on social media that align with the message you want to live by.

Body neutrality is similar to body positivity, as it promotes accepting your body the way it is. But rather than falling in love with or accepting your physical appearance, body neutrality pushes you to think of your body’s capabilities and non-physical characteristics. Body neutrality is a great movement to learn about if you aren’t as interested in focusing on the appearance of your body but, rather, appreciating it for where it has gotten you.

Fill Your Wardrobe with Exciting Outfits

Wearing chill outfits can feel nice — especially since you are probably constantly juggling a million things at once and taking care of a new baby. But when was the last time you got dressed up and felt good about the outfit you were wearing? It’s probably been a while — and that’s okay!

However, if you are looking to fall back into love with your body postpartum, wearing cute maternity clothes and other pieces that hug your curves just right can drastically boost your confidence. Styling outfits that excite you and make you feel good can change your mood instantly and give you a new appreciation for your body.

Practice Positive Affirmations in the Mirror

How often do you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and praise your appearance? It’s probably not as often as you would like. If you want to take control of the criticizing dialogue you have with yourself and transform it into a more forgiving and positive mindset, try reciting positive affirmations.

Affirmations are forms of praise and gratitude that you develop to help you build you up and establish more confidence throughout the day. How you create your positive affirmations is up to you. You could include affirmations like “My body is strong, I am worthy and I am going to have a great day.” We suggest saying these affirmations out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror every day. If you’re wondering if positive affirmations work, science says yes!

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Take a Dance Break

Do you have that song or playlist that makes you feel hot, excited, inspired or energetic? If you don’t have a playlist that instantly boosts your mood, it’s time to make one and take a quick dance break. What does dancing have to do with you accepting and loving your body? Dancing has many benefits, and moving your body to music you love can improve your self-esteem and boost your mood instantly.

Carve Out Time for You

As a new mom, every second of your time is consumed with taking care of your newborn — and sometimes other members of the family. But how often do you get to take time to do the things you love most? By carving out time in your day to do things you enjoy like going for a walk, getting a special coffee, going to the gym, painting or meeting up with friends, this act will allow you to develop more appreciation for yourself.

Apply Luxurious Body Butters

If you want a more physical practice of showing your body some love, try applying rich body butters, oils or lotions to your skin daily. Not only will these treatments make your skin soft, but the practice of applying lotion to your body can connect you to your skin and allow you to develop more empathy for your changing body. It’s kind of an intimate and deep experience.

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No matter where you are on your self-love journey or body acceptance goals, remember to have grace and patience with yourself. You have just accomplished one of the most amazing things, and your body has endured so much. But it was strong enough to get you to this point, and it tells your story through every scar and dimple. As you start to weave some of these practices into your everyday routine, take note of the activities that make you feel best.

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