Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

The Trend Council is ready with the Swimwear trend forecast for Spring-Summer 2015. Season's swimwear evolves into a new product category for many major runway designers fueling an increase in resort, beach and swimwear trends. The biggest trends to follow are African and Moroccan influences as well as Active Sport detailing.

Jungle Luxe
Tropical prints and oversized hats bring thoughts of Polynesian Tiki culture. Those are found married with leopard prints over retro cut suits for the Jungle Luxe story of the season.

Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

Intricate prints over stretch jacquards nod to Moroccan inspiration. Punchy oranges and purples that color the palette give ode to saturated spices, while patterns take their cue from the tile of the region.

Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

White sands
With emphasis on metallic trimmings and cutouts, the whiteout trend finds itself understandably rooted in white. The other colors come in similarly lighter hues: sand, sea foam and beach sky. Silhouettes appear body conscious and revealing.

Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

Bright pinks, light blues and yellows couched in stark whites with black highlights make for a graphic sportif trend. Stretch mesh and soapy matte jersey and an undercurrent of athletic sensibilities round out the mood.

Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

Santa Monica
It's a color blocked redux, this season sees saturated reds and bold blues done in scuba-like materials for the beach. The result is a look clearly inspired by a retro versions of Santa Monica and the California surf lifestyle.

Fashion trends for Spring-Summer 2015: Swimwear

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