Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

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G-Star RAW is a Dutch men's and women's fashion label, founded in 1989 in Amsterdam and focused mainly on Denim. During the years, the company developed many denim 'firsts' - 'luxury denim for the streets', wearable and wanted raw, untreated denim, architectural and 3-D denim constructions, special washes and treatments, highlighting the best qualities of denim.

Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW is aiming to create 'an all-day, every-occasion wardrobe that features fashionable cuts, luxurious materials and subtle branding in a full range of jackets, shirts, knits, dresses and skirts - distinctive, textured garments with soul'.

Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

The company is corporate responsible and oriented to sustainable evolution of their products. Since 2011 it is a partner with Made-By - an award-winning European not-for-profit organisation, acting to improve environmental and social conditions within the fashion industry. The RAW Sustainable program uses Organic Cotton, which reduces levels of used fertilizers and pesticides.

Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

The company has worked in collaborations with celebrities like American actress Liv Tyler, Dutch music producer and DJ Afrojack, English model and actress Lily Cole, American painter Phil Hale, American model Arizona Muse, French actress Clémence Poésy, etc.

Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

Dutch fashion: G-Star RAW

Currently the brand is running 'RAW for the Oceans' - a collaborative project retrieving plastic from the oceans and transforming it into denim.

Pharrell Williams - who is a Creative director and co-founder of Bionic Yarn - is a co-designer of the 'RAW for the Oceans' collections, alongside the G-Star team.

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