New Jersey plans to forbid the epilation "band" type

The American state New Jersey is planning to forbid the epilation "band" type, also called "Brazilian".

This type of epilation these days, practiced all over the USA by women, has become a reason for hospitalization of two ladies from New Jersey. They were hospitalized with strong infections in the place of genitalia after cosmetic procedure. One of them even initiated proceeding against the cosmetic saloon, where she was epilated. As a result of this, the Board of Cosmetology and Hairstyling – the union of cosmeticians and hair stylists in New Jersey - intend to forbid the "Brazilian" epilation. By the opinion of the experts-dermatologists, the manipulation can sore the sensitive skin around genitalia and this could lead to infections. In spite of the risks in our days millions Americans put themselves under the procedure. It is offered in most of the cosmetic and styling saloons in New Jersey on the price of 50 to 60 dollars. BGNES

Jersey / USA

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