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How to Shop for a Top Quality Watch
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How to Shop for a Top Quality Watch

While many have suggested that the emergence of the smart watch has sounded the death knell for the traditional watch making industry, this does a disservice to the resilience and fortitude of those within the industry. Traditional watches may well be one of the most intricate and ground-breaking innovations ever created, as this feat of engineering has the longevity to survive even the most unique technological developments. January is also one of the best times of the year to buy a brand new watch, as retailers often lower the prices and offer cut-price deals.

New Jersey plans to forbid the epilation

New Jersey plans to forbid the epilation "band" type

The American state New Jersey is planning to forbid the epilation "band" type, also called "Brazilian".

This type of epilation these days, practiced all over the USA by women, has become a reason for hospitalization of two ladies from New Jersey. They were hospitalized with strong infections in the place of genitalia after cosmetic procedure. One of them even initiated proceeding against the cosmetic saloon, where she was epilated.

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