How to make your lips a lot more kissable and attractive

Make your lips a lot more kissable and attractive Exfoliate the dry skin on your lips daily. If you want to keep the skin on your lips smooth regular exfoliation is the key, You can do this with a clean, dry toothbrush (a new one, not the one you use for your teeth). Put on the lips a little bit of Vaseline and then gently brush your lips with the toothbrush for several seconds. Do not brush them too hard or they will be raw and sore. After that exfoliation you will feel your skin smooth and gentle.

Put on the lip balm as often as you can. Without moisturization getting smooth and kissable lips is virtually impossible. Don’t use lipstick with matte shade, because matte lipsticks tend to have more pigment but a fewer moisturizing ingredients.

Make your lips a lot more kissable and attractive Don’t forget that the sun is damaging the skin on the lips – protect them with SPF 15 or higher lip balm under the lipstick. Try on a sun protecting cream too. The lips have a minimal amount of melanin and that’s why they don’t have natural defense against the sun.

Drink water. The skin on the lips is dry because you aren’t drinking enough water. Make sure to drink at least 2 l of water every day.

Put honey on your lips as often as you can. Wait to absorb and then put a lip balm. Honey contains many beneficial ingredients that will help you fight the drying of the lips.

Quit smoking. Smoking is damaging your health as well as your skin. It also speeds up the formation of vertical wrinkles around your mouth. Do not lick your lips as the saliva evaporates and pulls away the moisture and makes them dry.

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