Interesting facts about kissing

Interesting facts about kissing Here are some interesting facts about kissing:

1. Lips are a hundred times more sensitive than your fingers.

2. Kiss can speed the heart rate from 72 to over 100 beats per minute.

3. One kiss burns about three calories.

4. During kissing, man transmit 278 different bacteria, 95% of them are not dangerous.

5. Men who kiss their wives in the morning live five years longer.

6. Each subsequent generation starts to kiss earlier than the previous one.

Interesting facts about kissing 7. 70% of the teenagers kiss for a first time before the age of 15.

8. Every tenth young man starts to kiss before the age of 10.

9. The scientific name for kissing is philematology.

10. Women prefer to kiss men with the following professions:
- 39% with military men
- 37% with lawyers
- 27% with accountants
- 14% with athletes

11. Longest kiss - 29 hours by contestants in the "Breath Savers Longest Kiss Challenge" in New York on March 24, 1998.

12. Eskimos, Polynesians and Malaysians rub noses instead of kissing.

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