Bananas - one useful creation of nature

Bananas - one useful creation of nature Bananas are one of the most useful creations of nature. The fruit is already known for its nutritional properties and is also one of the cleanest fruits due to its naturally protective peel.

Surprisingly, the banana does not grow on palm trees, but on a herbaceous flowering plant from the family of lilies, orchids and palm trees, reminiscent of palm stems.

A new study reveals that banana peels can eliminate toxic metals in water. The bananas are naturally fat-free and contain vitamins and minerals, and a lot of fibers that improve digestion process. It also taste good and is a great source of energy.

Bananas are good source of:

1. Calcium

2. Magnesium

3. Fibers, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B

4. Tryptophan and iron (helps the body’s hemoglobin function)

This fruit can boost the brain power, calm the stomach and build up depleted blood sugar levels at the same time. The banana peals are very useful for calming and reducing the swelling after a mosquito bite – just rub the peal on the skin to reduce the swelling and irritation. They are also a safer water purifier. The bananas peels is a non-toxic and low cost solution for purify water because they are efficient metal collectors and perform better than number of other purification materials, removing the potentially toxic metal contamination from the water.

Bananas contain pectin which can help normalize movement through the digestive tract. It contains electrolytes, which are essential for maintaining fluid levels and preventing dehydration.

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