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Spring-Summer 2011 Beachwear of Benetton
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Spring-Summer 2011 Beachwear of Benetton

JUNGLE FEVER - Bold colours teamed with natural shades give an exotic air to bikinis, cover-ups and men’s boxers. Turquoise and brown or beige and magenta create tranquil contrasts, perfect on reversible swimwear. Floral and geometric patterns can be freely paired with irregular stripes. The “fluid” look of viscose creates soft draping on asymmetric cover-ups.

CRUISE TIME - A sophisticated style expressed through two-piece swimwear and cover-ups in dress or maxi playsuit styles. "Neo-batik" blue and white are the prominent colours in a story where purples and taupes also play a role. Beads and metallic or translucent appliqués add a precious touch.

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