On a diet – the dos and don’ts of dieting

Oh, what a complicated task it is, to diet. It’s necessary, you can’t argue with that, but damn is it hard not to cheat. Even so, when you compel yourself to stay faithful to your task, you might still find it extremely hard to get the job done. That’s because dieting means more than just eating this and that instead of something else. It’s about how you eat when you eat, and other such details. Respecting these details is how you differentiate losing weight in a year from being able to lose weight in a month. Before you start your diet or if you’re trying to jumpstart a failed one, keep these things in mind:

What to do:

- Eat often and in small portions. More meals of reduced size will help your body lift its barriers and burn more calories than if you were to eat fewer but larger meals.

- Create a custom workout routine that fits into your schedule, which you can pair with your diet. Relying only on a diet alone will not yield the results you’d wish.

- Cut carbs out of your eating habits as much as you can as your body will only start consuming its stored fat once all the carbs are gone.

- Focus on staying hydrated as it helps your metabolism perform more efficiently and thus accelerating the rate at which you lose weight.

- Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Sleep is vital for the body, and it also influences how it can burn calories and lose weight.

On a diet – the dos and don’ts of dieting

What not to do:

- Don’t skip out on any of your many daily meals. You might feel like you’re not hungry anymore but skipping a meal will most likely cause you to cheat on your diet later on in the day.

- Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. When you go shopping, make sure that you have eaten beforehand. Going to the store hungry will cause you to put a bunch of stuff in your shopping cart that you shouldn’t be getting.

- Don’t punish yourself. If you made a small mistake and eaten something that you shouldn’t have, don’t beat yourself up over it. Mistakes happen, and a whole diet won’t crumble over just one mistake.

- Don’t abuse your cheating day. If you are following a diet that incorporates a cheating day, don’t abuse this day to stuff your face. Eat what you wish, but keep the measure in mind, or else you’ll just undo all the progress you’ve worked so far until that point to gain.

- Diets are very fickle, and a lot of things can influence them. Making sure that you let yourself influenced by the right things and not the wrong ones is how you can lose all the weight you need in a reasonable amount of time.

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