Spring 2009 with Markam Fashion

Spring 2009 with Markam FashionWith its traditional participations and successes at the fashion forums in Europe in the past few years, such as „Collection Premiere” in Dusseldorf, “Collection Premiere” in Moscow, “Fashion Premiere” in Salzburg, “Order start” – Vienna, “Styl” – Brno, “Showroom”- Amsterdam, “CIFF” – Copenhagen, etc., Markam becomes more and more famous as a leader in the segment of the luxurious lady’s clothing. As a winner of the most prestigious awards of the Fashion Academy - Golden Mercury – 2006, for fashion business and high quality in the production of clothing and of Golden needle – 2008 for Fashion house of the year, Markam is in line for presentation at the fashion show „We are Europe” during “Fashion week” in Tokyo, Japan, in the end of March with the newest collection – Fall-Winter 2009/2010. 35 respected trademarks from Europe are selected for participation, having in mind the quality of the products, the experience and the traditions in international exhibitions and fashion shows throughout Europe, the financial stability of the companies and last but not least – innovation and design of the models.

Together with the expansion of the distribution net in the European Union and Russia, where there are 17 representation offices, the leading Bulgarian fashion house realizes an active policy for offering its products on the Bulgarian market too.
Within the national program of franchasing, during the first half of this year 12 new objects have been opened, with which the company stores will become 27. Only in March Markam stores are officially opened in Shumen, Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv. In the same time the company prepares an opening of mono-brand objects by the same program in Switzerland, Portugal, Russia and Ukraine.

In the affable and stylish stores, the new collection of „Markam fashion” – spring 2009 developed in three groups, expects its fans:

(first grope outfits, opening trend show - Collection premiere Dusseldorf, Germany - spring-summer 2009)

If you dream your life will be always an adventure – even in the office or at the big city streets. Business and leisure time models are inspired by one legend – the American Amelia Erhart – airwoman, the first woman, who crossed the Atlantic. She is a furtherer of equality between men and women and is one of the first advertising faces in history. In the years of the Big Depression Amelia becomes a symbol of the struggle and success. America turns her into a heroine. In July 1937 this remarkable woman disappears over the Pacific ocean during a round-the-world flight around the Equator. Since then the Spirit and Courage of Amelia rule the world.

In the line „Amelia” of Markam Black the materials are natural – linen, cotton, fabrics and knitted textiles, as well as knitwear. The line is free and soft. The main idea is underlying in the combinatorics of the different models in various outfits, which depending on the choice can be feminine and elegant, but also exotic and sporting. Specific attention is paid to the details and the decorative needlework.

Spring 2009 with Markam Fashion

(opens second part of trend show CPD - Collection premiere Dusseldorf, Germany - spring-summer 2009)

Naturally beautiful, genuine and natural, the walk through the city streets is a play and a triumph against equality for the victor woman.

Casual style, functional chic. The silhouette is modern, with pointed waist, natural materials exalting the sense for freedom and delicacy, combined with pragmaticality and comfort in everyday life. The fashion detail is an intended accent. Clothing made for the office and the leisure time. The style of the active working woman, who wins running forward to the top.

(final of trend show CPM - Collection premiere Moscow, Russia – spring-summer 2009)

The exclusive section of the line, Markam Black, is inspired by the grand dame of the French cinema Catherine Deneuve. The actress with amazing outlook and pronounced talent gives an impulse for the creation of these very special models. Always elegant and brilliant, in step with the fashion.

The materials are natural, combined with high-tech materials. Exquisite, shining and aesthetic mat surfaces determine the reserved elegance of the silhouette. The eternal black and white are combined with a really beautiful print. These are clothes for a very special moment. Every detail is precise, but at the same time surprising.


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