Natural Alternatives to Alli

This diet pill is claimed to burn 25% of the consumed fat. The product has the FDA approval and is made for people with excessive weight. Actually, if your body mass index is lower than 25, you are not advised to use Alli.

Since FDA has approved the product, it does provide losing weight. However, its efficiency is proved only for short-term use. If taking Alli for a longer period, the results are likely to stop at 6.6 pounds of weight loss a year.

The total number of ingredients is 11. Some of them can cause allergic reactions. The active ingredient of the pills is orlistat.

Natural Alternatives to Alli

A bottle of 120 pills is available in many retail stores for almost $70. This amount of pills is more than enough for month supply, since the advised daily dose is three pills.

The product shows good efficiency in weight management if a user consumes 15g of fat or less during one meal. It is not recommended to consume foods with high fats or calories, because it may trigger side effects.

The consumers’ dissatisfaction relates mostly to side effects (stomach issues) and poor efficiency. FDA warns about possible liver damages if taking pills for a long period.

Considering the above, it is advised to pay attention to natural alternatives to Alli.
Acai Berry Supreme
This natural product is made on the basis of the berry extract. This special ingredient provides most essential nutrients, such as amino acids, calcium, fiber, fatty acids and various vitamins. This diet supplement was not reported to cause health issues or side effects. Nevertheless, it is not much information available online.

According to the customers’ rating, Acai Berry Supreme ranks in the top of the best weight loss supplements.

Lean System 7
This supplement is designed to assist you in losing weight by dealing with fat cells. Its main functions are the decrease of water retention and boost of metabolism. The pills do not have an approval by FDA, however their quality is clinically tested.

The ingredients of the pills include magnesium, titanium dioxide, gelatin and rice flour. All component of Lean System 7 are natural.

The pills do not envisage a special diet or exercise program. It is claimed that you can get results even without any changes in your regular exercises.

Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia
The supplement is based on one ingredient, which is the extract of Indonesian fruit. You will not find any unnecessary components, such as stimulants, sweeteners or any additional nutrients. The only active ingredient provides all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

The active chemical agent of Brilliant Garcinia Cambogia is HCA, which blocks enzyme citric lyase, preventing accumulation of fat.

The product provides many health issues, including stabilization of blood sugar level, increase of metabolism, suppression of craving and, naturally, weight loss.

Taking into account the price of the pills ($35.99), this weight loss supplement is one of the best diet solutions in the market.

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