Natural Collagen Formula Q5-26

* The Polish elixir of youth is already marketed in Bulgaria

Unlike any other cosmetics the natural collagen products eliminate the causes not only the results from the ageing of the skin.

30% of the human proteins consist of collagen. It is responsible for the elasticity, flexibility and moisture of the skin as well as the constant renovation of her cells. As we grow older the amount of collagen diminishes which appears to be the main reason of wrinkles appearance.

The attempts of collagen application in cosmetics and implantology (initially synthetic, later animal) end with minimal success. Mainly because an actively biological collagen was not obtained in which the structure of amino acids is similar with the human. Such type of collagen has been discovered in Poland. The epochal discovery of the Gdansk University scientists became the Event of the 90s.Till this moment the practical application of this discovery has been impeded by the impossibility to store the extract outside cold conditions. The unique formula of the natural collagen Q5-26 has been invented by the laboratory assistants of Inventia Polish Technologies creating the first cosmetic resource in the world which is based on the polish fish collagen.It influences positively on the regeneration of the skin and at the same time preserves the secret key – the so called triple spiral.

The Polish collagen has been developed by the skin of the most royal fish which has been caught in natural waters and was filtered with fibroins from silk butterfly. Collagen does not consist of synthetic colors or fragrances and appears as ingredient of some new creams which recently came out on the world cosmetics market. For comparison the cosmetics of the world companies contain 5-9% collagen and cost 4-6 times higher for the same quantity. The pure collagen in the shape of transdermal gel contains of 45% collagen. It received admirable comments by a number of medical authorities for its unique capacity to increase the skin tissue in the wrinkles zone. Except a perfect cosmetic resource the collagen is a healing virtue as well. It has been subjected to continued clinic tests in several countries simultaneously. It does not cause allergies, does not irritate the skin, has no external negative impact and doesn’t lead to dependence.


  • Moistures deeply and gives the skin elasticity
  • Retards the processes of aging.
  • Sharply improves the immunology, thickness and normal pigmentation
  • Smoothes scars, striae, helps to cure burnt, cicatrix
  • Restores hair and nails, delays alopecia
  • The best balm in the world after shaving and depilation

Helps treatment of:

  • Paradonthosys of gums
  • Skin allergies
  • Acne vulgaris and и rosacea
  • Dermatosis, lichen and psoriasis
  • Scurf
  • Cellulite, varicose veins and swelling
  • Reduces spine and articulation pain
  • Regenerates the mucous membrane of the vagina
  • Improves the circulation
  • Delayed action of sweat and salivary glands


The natural collagen Q 5-26 is being produced in three stages of cleanse:

Platinium – intended for cosmetics of the face and neck-line as well as other delicate areas. Especially effective in revitalization of mature skin, during nonsurgical face lifting, after plastic and other surgery operations. It is also applied at mechanical cleaning of the skin, after sunburn or solarium and as a base for cosmetic masks or make up.

Silver – used in procedures for the whole body: curative, energetic massage, after depilation, solarium, anti-cellulite procedures, pealing. Suitable for all kinds of home treatment of the skin, tendons and articulations.

Graphite – used as the most economical resource in hairdresser’s and beauty parlours. It is used on rough skin.

Energetic strengthening bath-tubs are made in tepid water (up to 28 degrees Celsius) which favors the reception of collagen with inviolate structure of the tissues. It is especially effective during pearly bath-tub with ozone. Energetic-amino acid tubs are made in warm water. It causes disintegration of the collagen of amino acids, which pass through skin easier and take part in the regeneration of the whole body.

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