Lemons - the best organism cleaning agent

Lemons - the best organism cleaning agent World famous nutritionists have recognized the lemons as the best body cleaning agent. That's why the citrus fruit is included in the diets for detoxicating and weight loss and offers enough nutrients to keep the body energized.

The secret lies in the benefits of lemon on the digestive tract.

Numerous studies have concluded that lemons are cleansing the body from unwanted toxins, increasing vitality and energy, streinghtening the immune system and improving skin and hair conditions.

Moreover, vitamin C, contained in lemons, enhances immune system and accelerates healing process for allergies, tuberculosis, rheumatism and burns, fractures and wounds heal faster.

According a study published in the magazine of the American Institute of Nutrition, pectin , contained in the lemon zest, can blunt the feeling of hunger for four hours.

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